SPYPOINT  MMS trail camera
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MMS trail camera

Simple, affordable & manageable! Only 3 steps away from receiving your first pictures with the SPYPOINT MMS cellular trail camera.

The SPYPOINT MMS cellular trail camera has the easiest activation on the market and you’ll be able to go install it within minutes. Ideal to save you time and money by not having to travel to retrieve the photos, it will also avoid disturbing your spot and spooking game.

The SPYPOINT MMS trail camera captures 10 megapixel photos or HD videos (720p) in color by day & black-and-white by night. The camera uses high-power low glow LEDs and also offers the blur reduction technology setting for best image quality at night. The motion sensor has 5 detection zones that will give you a fast trigger speed and the distance detection sensor can be adjusted up to 70'.

  • Manufacturer: Spypoint

SPYPOINT MMS trail camera

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